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Marble Surface


This page shows you upcoming projects that H Gerber is currently working on.  Check details on what we are working on next. 

Sling Bag / Harness

What if your sling bag include Harness?  You can simply carry your sling bag and also use the harness from the Sling Bag.  Does it seem practical? Yes, we are in a process of making the sample for Sling Bag / Harness now and expect to launch in 2024. Stay Tuned!

Image by Liar Liur

Luxury Pet Carrier

We are developing the most luxurious Pet Carrier for pets and parents.  This project has been prepared the longest and we are planning to use all of the materials used in this bag to be the highest quality that is out there.  Why are we developing the luxurious pet carrier?  Instead of customers paying for the high brand fee, we are solely spending the money on the quality materials used making this bag.

KakaoTalk_20231218_104808977_01 (1)_edit

Leash & Harness

We are designing high quality + unique leash that can be used with our upcoming harness project.  It will be durable, long lasting, unique, and high quality leash.

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